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What dye should I use for detecting a fuel leak?

If you need to detect a leak involving diesel, petrol or oil, the dye to use is Bestoil Green FYG

This dye is used in ppm (parts per million).  If you dissolve 5 grammes in 1000 litres it would give you 5 ppm.

At this strength you would be able to see the colour by eye.

The easiest way to do this is dissolve 5 g of dye into 1 litre of fuel and then add the same of number of milliltres as you have in litres of fuel.

A sample of the dye is approx 20g so there is sufficient for approximately 4000 litres.

If you have a UV Lamp you would need less but the amount needed depends on the quality of the lamp.  I would recommend starting at 1 ppm and confirm that you can detect it.

One of the common questions raised about the dye is that it is orange and in solution it is orange.  Quite simply, it is too strong.  With fluorescent dyes less is actually more!