How to find a leak in a swimming pool?

You are noticing that you are constantly topping up the level in the pool but the loss is much higher than you expect you would lose through evaporation or through use.

You suspect that you have a leak.  You can see water somewhere else but you are not sure whether it has come from the pool or it has come from somewhere else.

You can eliminate the pool by adding a dye to it. The amount you need is dependent on how much water there is in the pool.  If there is 50 cu metres of water, I kilo of our leak detection dye will be sufficient.

Our leak detection dyes are shown here  Leak Detection Dyes

The method is:

1)     You dissolve the dye in water to make a concentrate

2)     You would add the concentrate into the circulating system

3)     Eventually the water would become coloured.

4)     Check the water in the other location and see if it has become coloured.

If it has, it confirms that the water has come from the pool.  If not, then you have to take a different approach.

You have to inspect the pool and make some guesses of where it may be leaking from. It could be a crack or a light fitting etc.

Once you have some possible locations, the method is as follows:

1)     You dissolve the dye in water to make a concentrate

2)     Add the dye concentrate to a plastic syringe

3)     Switch off the circulation system for the pool.

4)     Inject the dye concentrate at the location of the suspected leak.

5)     Does the dye get pulled into the crack or light fitting?

If yes, then you know you have found the source of the leak. If not, it confirms that it is not the source and you need to look somewhere else.

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