Food Dyes – E Numbers Bad, Natural Dyes Good?

If you talked to the man or woman in the street and asked them about e-numbers, the most likely answer is that they are food dyes that are bad for you especially children.

This is a misconception.  E-numbers are purity standards for product that can be added to food.  It is not distinguish between synthetic, natural, organic, vegetable, animal or inorganic.  It just means that if the product meets the specification and is allowed in specified food products within the maximum stated limit then it is safe to use.

For Natural Colours to be added to food they must comply with EU law and they all have E-Numbers!!

Examples are, Curcumin (from Tumeric) has the E-Number E100, Anthocyanins (from Grapes) is E163.

The effect of this misconception is to be seen in the labelling of food products.  In marketing terms, E numbers must not be shown.  Gone are days of  listing the e-numbers, they now just show the name of the colour.

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