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Tracing Oil Leaks on Motor Bikes

A customer of FastColours has been restoring a1966 BSA C15. However he was plagued with one big problem – you’ve guessed it – Oil Leaks!! 

He didn’t know where the leaks were coming from or from what (the leaks get blown backwards when riding).  It got to the point where he was unwilling to park his bike on his friends driveways! The old joke that “bikes don’t leak, they mark their territory” was not going down too well.

However this is how he solved it.  In order to distinguish between engine oil, gearbox oil, or primary chain case leaks, he added .  Bestoil Red BT to the gearbox oil  and Bestoil Blue AP to the Primary chain case oil. The engine oil remained as-is (green).

The dye comes in the form of a very fine oil soluble powder.

Only a very small quantity is required- the 15g samples would be enough to dye hundreds of litres of oil and  it has absolutely no effect on the lubricating properties of the oil.

Result:- Colour coded oil drips!!

This enabled him to fix the leaks without resorting to tearing the whole engine apart.- The dyes are not flourescent but very concentrated, so a UV light source is not needed.

Our choice of dyes that are soluble in oils are shown here:  Mineral Oil and Lubricant Dyes