EU Food Colorant Groups

EU Regulation 1129/2011 clarifies which colours can be used in food. It splits the colours into two main groups, Group II and Group III.

Group II can be used quantum satis (add as much of this ingredient as is needed to achieve the desired result, but not more). Group III have a combined maximum limit. Additionally there are a few colours that are allowed in certain foods with specific amounts.

Please contact the company for additional information on the limits of how you can use for those colours that fall into Group II and others.

The products in the table are those that FastColours are able to offer:

Group II Group III Other
E141 Duranat Cu Chlorophyllin WSP E100 Duranat Curcumin WSP E123 Amaranth
E150d Duranat Caramel WSP E102 Tartrazine Granular E127 Erythrosine Granular
E160a Duranat Beta Carotene WSP E104 Quinoline Yellow Granular E160b Duranat Annatto WSP
E162 Duranat Red Beet WSP E110 Sunset Yellow Granular
E163 Duranat Anthocyanins WSP E120 Duranat Carmine WSP
E171 Titanium Dioxide E122 Azorubine Granular
E172 Duranat Black Iron Oxide E124 Ponceau 4R Granular
E172 Duranat Red Iron Oxide E129 Allura Red AC Granular
E172 Duranat Brown Iron Oxide E131 Patent Blue V Granular
E172 Duranat Yellow Iron Oxide E132 Indigotine
E133 Brilliant Blue FCF Granular
E142 Green S
E151 Brilliant Black BN Granular
E155 Brown HT