How To Colour Candles

Colouring of candles is fairly straight forward.

1) Heat the wax until it is liquid.

2) Add the dye to the liquid wax

3) Stir until the dye is completely dissolved

4) Pour into your mould

5) Allow to cool

If you want lighter colours you could make a candle (as above), then chip it into smaller pieces and add chips of this into new liquid wax (make sure it is fully dissolved) until you get your desired shade.

If you want to produce different shades then the dyes will easily mix together to enable you to produce a full colour range.

If you wish to produce a black candle then you will need to mix three colours yellow, red and blue at high concentrations.
If you use a black solvent dye from our range, you will be able to produce a black candle but it will not burn.

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