Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Make sure the un-finished wooden surface is clean and free from dust. (If not, we recommend cleaning the surface with Rubio Monocoat Cleaner MZC & allow to dry before applying the oil).

2. Using either a polishing machine, cloth, squeegee or brush apply the product sparingly to the surface (remember you can obtain up to 50m2/ltr.) and work into the wood along the grain.

3. The product needs to be left for a minimum of 1 minute but no longer than 10 minutes, then you wipe over the treated surface removing all the excess product.

Important Points

If possible, the treated area should not be walked on for 24 hours, the floor can be covered (not using adhesive tape), but this may prolong the curing time.

To speed up curing add Rubio Monocoat Activator

Application Levels

Typical coverage with each pack size is shown below.

Pack Size Area Covered
20 ml Between 0.6-1.0m2
275 ml Between 8-12m2
1 Litre Between 30-50m2
2 Litres Between 60-100 m2
5 Litres Between 150-250m2

Cleaning and renovation

Floor cleaning

It is recommended to clean the floor with a floor wiper and a dry towel during the first 3 weeks after application. After the 3 weeks the floor can be cleaned with the ready to use Rubio Monocoat Surfacecare Soap.


1. Remove all dust

2. Spray sparingly to the surface. (Too much and the wood will become tacky). Wipe the treated surface with a duster; this will remove ingrained dirt from the wood.

3. Leave for around 15 minutes before drying with a cloth. Try to leave the floor for around 5 hours before using.


Restoring scratches, cigarette burn marks etc by re-applying Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus.

1. Sand the damaged area slightly with steel wool or fine sandpaper, to the same level as the original wood.

2. Make sure the surface is clean and free from dust.

3. Apply the Monocoat oil, working the product into the bare wood.

4. After around 15 seconds wipe over the treated area removing the excess product.

Please allow 24 hours before placing furniture on the repaired area

When using oil-based products, oil saturated cloths can spontaneously combust and must either be burnt, placed in water or a lid sealed metal container for disposal. Do not leave oil-saturated cloths lying around.

These guidelines are the result of tests and our own experience and are provided in good faith. Since we have no control over individual circumstances, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred as a result of incorrect or inappropriate use of said guidelines.