Information on Natural Colours

There are the water soluble Natural Colours in the FastColours Range. They have varying properties which are shown below.

Suitable food applications are also shown for each dye. If a number is quoted, this is maximum allowed in g/Kg in accordance the Colour Section Guide as published in EU Regulation 1333/2008 based on the strength of the colour content within each of the FastColours dye.

For all other dyes then it is quantum satis (this means you can use as much as you need to achieve the colour effect you require).

If you require information on applications not shown, please contact us.

PROPERTIES E100 Duranat Curcumin WSP E120 Duranat Carmine WSP 52% E141 Duranat Cu Chlorophyllin WSP E150d Caramel PWS E160a Duranat Beta Carotene WSP E160b Duranat Annatto WSP E162 Duranat Red Beet WSP E163 Duranat Anthocyanin WSP
Form Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder
Colour Source Tumeric root Coccus Cacti Green Plants Sugar Nature Identical Bixa Orellana Red Beet Red Fruit & Vegetables
Major Pigment Curcumin Carminic Acid Copper Phaeophytin Caramel Beta Carotene Bixin norbixin Betanin Anthocyanins
Stability Light Fair Good Good Good Fair Fair Poor Good
Stability Heat Good Good Very Good Good Good Good Very Poor Good
Stability pH Fair Stable in Acid Good Good Good Fair Stable pH 3.5 Good in Acid
Solubility Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble Water Soluble
Food Colour Group (EU 1333/2008) Group III Group III Group II Group II Group II Specified Group II Group II
Processed Cheese (01.7) 10 0.2 1.5
Ice Cream (03) 15 0.3 2
Jams ( 0.2 0
Confectionery (0.5.2) 30 0.6 0
Icings (05.4) 50 1 2
Baked Goods (07.2) 15 0.3 1
Smoked Fish (09.2) 10 0.2 1
Sauces (12.6) 50 1 0
Soft Drinks (14.1.4) 10 0.2 0
Alcoholic Beverages (spirits 14.2.6) 20 0.4 1
Snack Foods (15) 10 0.2 2
Dairy Desserts (16) 15 0.3 1