Itofix EZF (Fixing Agent)
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Non-formaldehyde, environmentally safe fixing agent for Direct and Reactive dyes

ITOFIX EZF is a non-formaldehyde based fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. It significantly improves wash fastness
properties of cellulose fabrics and their blends.

ITOFIX EZF does not contain heavy metals.


Appearance : Straw Coloured Viscous Liquid
Main Ingredient : Polyethylene Polyamine Resin
Ionic Character : Cationic
pH : Approximately 4 - 5 (5% aqueous solution)
Solubility : Disperses easily in cold water


1. ITOFIX EZF improves the colour fastness of direct and reactive dyed fabrics to washing, perspiration and water contact.
2. ITOFIX EZF improves the rub fastness of goods dyed with direct dyes.
3. ITOFIX EZF improves rub fastness of goods printed with pigments.
4. ITOFIX EZF gives good fastness improvement when used with Sulphur dyes.
5. ITOFIX EZF does not contain heavy metals.
6. ITOFIX EZF does not contain formaldehyde.
7. ITOFIX EZF can be effective at room temperature, optimum results obtained if the fabric is treated at 60ºC for 20 mins.
8. ITOFIX EZF can also be applied by a pad/dry technique.
9. ITOFIX EZF is highly resistant to the presence of salts such as sodium chloride and sodium sulphate.


The recommended usage of ITOFIX EZF will depend on the substrate and the depth of shade, but in general the following dosage levels are recommended :-

In Exhaustion : ITOFIX EZF 0.5 - 2.0%
Liquor Ratio 10 - 30:1, at 40 - 60ºC for 20 min.

Method Of Removal

Exhaust application : 3% Anionic Detergent
2 gm/l Acetic Acid
Boil 30 minutes, Then re-dye.

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