Leak Detection

These dyes can be used for leak detection in such areas as drains, guttering, swimming pools etc. Their key advantage is that they are visible to the naked eye in very low ppm.

Additionally, four of the dyes are also fluorescent. They can be detected at even lower concentrations using a UV lamp.

Typical application levels for these dyes are 10 ppm or lower. A sample is approximately 20 g in weight and is sufficient for about 2,000 litres. One kilo of product is sufficient for about 100,000 litres.

How to find a leak, for example in a swimming pool is shown here: Leak Detection in a pool

If you are detecting leaks where drinking water is involved, it would be best to use the blue food dye, E133 Brilliant Blue FCF.

Bestoil Pyranine 01 is the best dye to use if searching for leaks in a heating system.

If you are detecting oil leaks, Bestoil Green FYG is recommended. Finding leaks in engines and gearboxes is shown here: Tracing Oil Leaks

If you require UV detection equipment, please contact Glowtec Ltd who will be able to offer advice and supply the right equipment.

Samples (approx. 20 g) are available for each dye. The cost of the sample is refunded on first-time purchase of 1 kg or more of the same dye.

For technical help, friendly advice and information, Please Contact Us.

Technical help is given to the best of our general knowledge without guarantee or warranty. It is the responsibility of the user to test the suitability of the products under their processing conditions.

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