Natural Food Colours - Pigments
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Duranat Natural Food Colours - Pigments

There are six colours in the Duranat Natural Food Colours Pigment range. These are:

             Duranat                           Duranat                              Duranat                          Duranat
    Yellow Iron Oxide           Red Iron Oxide                 Brown Iron Oxide            Black Iron Oxide

         Duranat                               Duranat                             
    Vegetable Carbon           Calcium Carbonate


Please click on the picture for details of prices from 100g through to 5 kg. Prices shown include free UK Delivery but exclude VAT.

Samples are available for each colour at £7.00 + VAT. This is refunded if you subsequently buy 1 Kg or more of the same colour. 

All the colours are insoluble in water.  If you require water soluble natural food colours, please click here: 
Natural Water Soluble Food Dyes

These colours also have non-food uses.  They can be used in colouring such things as mortar and cement.

Duranat Natural Food Colours are supplied to FastColours by Town End (Leeds) plc.  This gives the key advantage that when buying these colours you are getting the quality assurance of the manufacturer together with full traceability. 

For further infomation on our supplier, please click here: 
Town End (Leeds) plc

Natural colours are derived or extracted from natural sources. They are for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors.

Further information on Natural Colours please click here: 
Information on Natural Colours

All the colours comply with the EC Directive 2008/128/EC and FAO/WHO Food Drug and Nutrition paper 52/1 & 2. 

Please note, just because a colour has an E-number it does not mean that it can be used in all food and drink applications.  EU Regulation No 1129/2011 which amended Annex II to EU Regulation No 1333/2008 lists which colours can be used, maximum amounts and into which products. Please click here EU Food Colorant Groups to find basic information for each of our food colorants.   For specific information on your application please contact the company.  Contact Us.

Technical help is given to the best of our general knowledge without guarantee or warranty. It is the responsibility of the user to test the suitability of the products under their processing conditions.
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Duranat Yellow Iron Oxide (Pigment Yellow 42 & 43 CI 77492)
From £34.00 per Kg ex. VAT From £40.80 per Kg inc. VAT
Duranat Red Iron Oxide (Pigment Red 101 CI 77491)
From £34.00 per Kg ex. VAT From £40.80 per Kg inc. VAT
Duranat Brown Iron Oxide (Pigment Brown)
From £34.00 per Kg ex. VAT From £40.80 per Kg inc. VAT
Duranat Vegetable Carbon Black (Pigment Black 6 CI 77266)
From £46.00 per Kg ex. VAT From £55.20 per Kg inc. VAT
Duranat Black Iron Oxide (Pigment Black 11 CI 77499)
From £29.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £34.80 per Kg Inc.VAT
Duranat Calcium Carbonate (Pigment White 18 CI 77220)
From £25.00 per Kg ex. VAT From £30.00 per Kg inc. VAT