PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168
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A specially formulated high quality, ready for use aqueous based pearl printing paste with a metallic gold hue for printing with pigments or alongside dyestuffs, e.g. vat dyes.

  • environmentally friendly compared to metallics.
  • high covering power.
  • high brilliance of the print.
  • simple to use.
  • eliminates powder handling problems.
  • good stability and runnability.
  • good all round fastness.
  • improved abrasion fastness compared to gold metals.
  • will not tarnish.

PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168Up to 1000 
PP Activator AC030830 - 10(optional)
PP Humectant ZXM20 - 10(optional)
Where auxiliary additions are desired simply blend thoroughly under a high speed mixer (preferably without the introduction of air).
PP Activator AC0308 (or alternatively, low formaldehyde types) can be added if desired to give enhanced wash and dry clean durability, for example, for goods which require repeated laundering, or when printing alongside vat or reactive dyes.  
The runnability of the system should give optimal performance without further modification, however, dependent upon the customer's application conditions, flow may be improved by an addition of PP
Humectant ZXM or Glycerine.
To reduce viscosity the addition of up to 1% of a 33% aqueous solution of Ammonium Sulphate can be made.
To increase viscosity the addition of up to 1% of PP Thickener PHS may be used.
If the shade needs adjustment to meet a customers specific requirements then Pigment dispersions may be added as desired.
Printing Recommendations
It is advisable to use relatively course mesh screens or deep engravings in the case of copper rollers.
                                      e.g.:   rotary        60 - 80 mesh
                                               flat bed      > 42 th/cm

After printing and drying the goods should be given a dry heat curing treatment at 150ºC - 4 minutes to 180ºC - 1 minute. In the case of printing alongside dyestuffs it is important to first cure the pigment prior to fixation of the dye.
Due to the high binder reactivity of PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168 the shelf life stability may be limited after addition of the crosslinker.

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5 Kg PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168
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2 Kg PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168
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1 Kg PP Suprafast Antique Gold 168
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