PP Thickener A12
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A highly efficient liquid thickener for Pigment Printing
  • thickening action is almost instananeous.
  • can be directly pumped and metered.
  • sharp line definition.
  • good electrolyte resistance.
  • pre ammonicated for ease of use.
  • high yield and brilliance.
  • can be used as a back thickener.
  • simple to use
PP Thickener A12 is suiatble tfor thickening a print paste by direct addition to the ingredients, preparing a stock paste or for use as a back thickener.

Typical formulation.

Waterup to 1000
Anti-foam0.2 - 0.4
Emulsifier0.2 - 0.5
Binder45 - 200
PP Thickener A1232 - 40
Softener 0 - 25 (Optional)
Crosslinker 0 - 18 (Optional)

PP Thickener A12 is applicable to pigment printing of all fabric types and end uses.

  1. Add the Antifoam to the bulk of the water whilst high speed stirring
  2. Add the Emulsifier whilst stirring
  3. Stop the mixer and add the Binder (taking care not oto introduce foam)
  4. Start the mixer and add PP Thickener A12.  Continue mixing for several minutes until well dispersed.
  5. Add Auxilaries such as softeners whilst stiriing
  6. Finally add the Crosslinker where necessary mixing for a further 3 minutes
  7. Check pH - adjusting with Ammonia where necessary to pH 7.5 - 8.5
Note:  To increase viscosity further PP Thickener A12 may be added as desired.

Printing Recommendations

The choice of screen mesh or engraving depth should be selcted realtive to the desired effect.


After printing and drying, the goods should be given a dry heat curing tretamnet at 150°C - 4 minutes to 180°C - 1 minute.

Due to the high binder reactivity of the print paste the shelf life stability may be limited after addition of crosslinker.

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