Reactive Dyes for Cotton / Cellulose
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This is a small range from the extensive range of reactive dyes from LJ Specialities.  These dyes are manufactured at their own ltochu Group production facility.  LJ Specialities can meet the most exacting textile industry dyestuff requirements. For further information on their other dyes, please contact LJ Specialities. 

They will easily dye cellulosic fibres such as cotton and viscose and also silk.  The blue, red and yellow dyes are a trichromat i.e. when mixed together you can produce most shades.  For darker shades such as olives, browns, navies and blacks, it is better to use either the Navy or Black dye as the blue component.

Please click here for Information on
how to dye with Itofix FC Dyes,

      Itofix Yellow FC                  Itofix Red FC                        Itofix Blue FC                    Itofix Navy FC                    Itofix Black FC

The Yellow, Red and Blue Dyes are shown at 1% strength (i.e the colour expected when using 1 Kg of dye to colour 100 Kg of fibre).  The Navy is at 3% and the Black at 4%.

Please scroll down to see the complete range and then click on the  dyes for details of prices for 1,2 and 5 Kg. Prices shown exclude VAT.

Samples (Approx 50g) are available for each dye at £9.60 (£8.00 + VAT). This is refunded if you subsequently buy 1 Kg or more of the same dye.  At 1% there is sufficient for 5 Kg, at 3% 1.5 Kg and at 5% 1.0 Kg.

You will also need certain chemicals to ensure the fixation and fastness of the dyes. These are:

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)  - Alkali to react the dye with the fibre. This can be sourced from Mistral NI.  The can supply the product in small amounts.  Click here for prices and information: 
Sodium Carbonate -Mistral NI

Sodium Sulphate (Glauber's Salt).  - Salt to drive the dye into the fibre.  This can be also be obtained from Mistral NI Sodium Sulphate - Mistral NI

Itoscour LJ 350 - Improves the colour fastness by removing unreacted dye.

Itofix EZF - Fixes any loose dye remaining.

If you need help please contact the company.  Please click on

Contact Us.
Technical help is given to the best of our general knowledge  without guarantee  or warranty.
It is the responsibility of the user to test the suitability of the products under their processing conditions
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Itofix Yellow FC (Reactive Yellow)
From £32.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £38.40 per Kg Inc.VAT
Itofix Red FC (Reactive Red 198 CI 18221)
From £32.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £38.40 per Kg Inc.VAT
Itofix Blue FC (Reactive Blue 19 CI 61200)
From £43.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £51.60 per Kg Inc.VAT
Itofix Navy FC (Reactive Blue 222 Mix)
From £34.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £40.80 per Kg Inc.VAT
Itofix Black FC (Reactive Black 5 Mix CI 20505)
From £32.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £38.40 per Kg Inc.VAT
From £20.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £24.00 per Kg Inc.VAT
From £20.00 per Kg Ex.VAT From £24.00 per Kg Inc.VAT