FastColours can supply a range of water-based pigment dispersions. There are fluorescent colours (Olidenim range) and non-fluorescent colours (Olimprint range).

These colours are manufactured by Rarochem (Italy) and PSK/Ralken (UK). The liquids are perfect for the colouring of water-based paints and printing pastes for textiles. 

The colours can be blended together to produce a full gamut of shades.


Textile Auxiliaries

Detersol CT Screen Cleaner
Humectant ZXM Prevents drying out of print pastes
PP Activator AC0308 Cross-linking agent
PP Aquamat CFX Print paste for producing matt discharge effects
PP Foil Adhesive TM 4344 Transfer Printing Adhesive
PP Print Paste Base 3480 Paste for Pearls and White
PP Print Paste Base CA20AC Print paste for pigment dispersions
PP Suprafast Glitterbinder AD2563 Print paste for glitters
PP Suprafast White Print Paste 610S White print paste
PP Thickener A12 Increases the viscosity of print pastes
PP Xpand 'X' 657 For three dimensional print effects
Samples (approx. 20 g) are available for each dye. The cost of the sample is refunded on first-time purchase of 1 kg or more of the same dye.

For technical help, friendly advice and information, Please Contact Us.

Technical help is given to the best of our general knowledge without guarantee or warranty. It is the responsibility of the user to test the suitability of the products under their processing conditions.

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