Shoe Polish

This range of dyes can be used to colour wax and solvent based polishes. They can be blended together to get a variety of different shades. Typical application levels would be 0.5-1.0%.

The main components are white spirit and paraffin wax with other waxes used to generate hardness, texture, ease of application and gloss characteristics during buffing.

A typical shoe polish formulation would comprise: Synthetic wax ester 10% Paraffin wax 15% White spirit 74% Colour (dyes/pigments) 1%

Added covering power can be gained by the use of carbon black and this helps to produce a harder wax/paste.

Dyestuffs can be pre-dissolved in oleic acid to form the oleate salt of dyestuff. This can make the dissolution of the dye within the solvent system easier.

Dyestuffs available for this application include:

Bestoil Orange Y (Solvent Orange 3) Tan polish
Bestoil Red BT (Solvent Red 24) Red polish/shading
Bestoil Black HB (Solvent Black 3) Black polish
Bestoil Black OB (Solvent Black 7) Black polish
Bestoil Yellow 3GP (Solvent Yellow 16) Bright Yellow polish/Shading
Bestoil Yellow DE (Solvent Yellow 56) Neutral Yellow polish/Shading
Bestoil Brown B (Solvent Red 3) Brown polish/shading
Bestoil Blue 2N (Solvent Blue 35) Blue polish/shading

These wax-soluble dyes can be dissolved in the molten wax for paste wax shoe polish, while water-based wax emulsion creams can use water-soluble dyes (e.g. Ebest Black AR3/Acid Black 2).

Samples (approx. 20 g) are available for each dye. The cost of the sample is refunded on first-time purchase of 1 kg or more of the same dye.

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