Rubio Monocoat protects your wood in a single layer. Unlike the traditional hard-wax oils, Rubio Monocoat will dye with the wood/ply by a molecular reaction, as a result a durable protection is obtained. This molecular reaction enables the Rubio Monocoat to embed in the surfaces upper microns immediately. The wood fibres can only combine with a small amount of oil. Oil which has not reacted needs to be removed.

The products are eco-friendly. The oil is based on natural ingredients and has Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content).

They are also easy to apply. As the name says, you only need ONE coat.

There are both interior and exterior products. There are over 40 interior and 9 exterior colours. The exterior colours can be used for both.

To shorten the curing time, please add Rubio Monocoat Activator to your Rubio Monocoat Colour. It is used in the ratio of 10 parts Colour to 3 parts Activator. The addition of the activator should not affect the final colour. We advise that is added to floors/kitchens/wet-rooms.

There is also a range of surface products to complement the Rubio Monocoat range of colours. Conforms To Standards - Tested in conformity with standard QUV EN 927-6 (ageing-process accelerator), conforms to Toy Standard EN71-3. Manufacturer ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Please note that the colours shown and the coverage achieved are only a guide. There are several factors that can influence these such as the colour of the wood, the absorbency, the location etc.

For Interior/Exterior coverage see: How To Use Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus

Samples (approx. 20 g) are available for each product. The cost of the sample is refunded on first-time purchase of 1 Ltr or more of the same product.

For technical help, friendly advice and information, Please Contact Us.

Technical help is given to the best of our general knowledge without guarantee or warranty. It is the responsibility of the user to test the suitability of the products under their processing conditions.

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